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The player who was seen training and improved a lot

he was seen at a game in chicago and looked very good 

By James Brown

he was seen at a game in chicago and looked very good 
he was seen at a game in chicago and looked very good 
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Talen Horton Tucker is a player with exceptional skills. He is a player with a very high IQ in the game and he is also very young, which gives even more hope for his future. But the reality is that Talen Horton - Tucker has fallen short in the last two seasons. After his first season in the NBA (where he was a champion with the Los Angeles Lakers), his level has been on the decline. The Los Angeles Lakers fans expect much more from him.

A couple of days ago he was spotted in Chicago at the Dreamville Chi League Pro-AM, where he showed his offensive prowess. Talen Horton - Tucker's skills are not in doubt at all. The problem is that as we already mentioned he had left much to be desired in the last few seasons.  

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The superstar Russell Westbrook could play with next season.

If the Lakers want to be contenders we need this player in his prime.

Last season the Chicago native played 60 games averaging 9.9 points per game, 3.2 rebounds, and 2.6 assists. For someone who is called to be the best young player of the Los Angeles Lakers, these numbers are not enough. Both teammates and management hoped that last season would be the one that would trigger his career, but it seems that he caught the team's bad moment. Let's hope this season is the one.

He was recently linked to possible trades. There was talk of trade with Minnesota for the great perimeter defender, Patrick Beverly. Talen Horton - Tucker is currently the 4th highest paid player on the roster, behind only LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and Russell Westbrook. This means even more responsibility for the Chicago native because, in theory, he would be the 4th best player on the team, but then again, the best paid is not always the best to play, is it Russ (Russell Westbrook is the best paid)?

The time of the youngsters

We will have to wait to see what happens with the possible trade of Russell Westbrook because the rest of the moves that the Los Angeles Lakers will make may depend on it. What is a fact is that the young players of the lakers are called to have an essential participation because the formula of the veterans did not work last season. We all hope that THT stays on the team and can start to have much better numbers than last season.


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