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The superstar Russell Westbrook could play with next season

They were seen training together and this generates speculation among Lakers fans.

By James Brown

They were seen training together and this generates speculation among Lakers fans.
They were seen training together and this generates speculation among Lakers fans.
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The rumor that is gaining momentum every day is the departure of Russell Westbrook and the arrival of Kyrie Irving to the Los Angeles Lakers. Last season was not a good one for the number 0 of the Los Angeles Lakers. On the other hand, after the ultimatum and the almost certain departure of Kevin Durant from the Brooklyn Nets, everything seems to indicate that the Australian-born point guard will also leave the team. The question is where each will play (Russell Westbrook and Kyrie Irving).

Well, while everyone is waiting for the trade to happen between the Lakers and Brooklyn, so that Irving arrives to California and Westbrook arrives to Brooklyn (plus two first-round picks) these two surprise us with an image in which they are both training together before training camp. Do they know something we don't?

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Beyond the rumors that put them face to face, both players maintain their professionalism to the fullest and seek to reach an optimal level for the new season which starts in October. But it is still a bit strange to see them together. This opens up speculation that the Lakers could keep Westbrook and still get Kyrie Irving. But how would the Lakers front office make this possible?

A few days ago there was talk about the possible departure of Talen Horton Tucker who is the fourth highest paid player on the Lakers roster. This could mean the possible departure of the young player which would open the door for a probable 4 superstar Lakers team (LeBron, Davis, Irving, and Westbrook). While for this to happen, it is not enough for Talen Horton Tucker to leave, but that should be the first step. The second step would be for LeBron to eventually get paid less than James Harden did to get to Philadelphia whit Joel Embiid.

The Fantastic 4

Obviously, this scenario is extremely difficult, however, the video in which Russell Westbrook and Kyrie Irving are seen training together generates some excitement. The reality is that Lakers fans want Russell Westbrook to leave but they wouldn't complain too much if he doesn't leave and Kyrie Irving still arrives. We insist that all this is pure speculation and there is still no official. In any case, it is most likely that the trade will be as follows; Brooklyn gets 2 first-round picks and Russell Westbrook while the Lakers get Kyrie Irving.



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