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According to NBA analyst, Russell Westbrook is 100% getting traded

By James Brown

According to NBA analyst, Russell Westbrook is 100% getting traded

According to NBA analyst Nick Wright, Russell Westbrook is 100% getting traded, after Patrick Beverley's trade.

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Russell Westbrook has been the focal point of the trade talks with the Lakers since the end of last season. The former MVP didn’t play up to expectations and now the team’s front office is desperately trying to send him away. Now, after the trade for Patrick Beverley, NBA analyst Nick Wright believes that there’s no way Westbrook stays on the team. 

“One hundred percent Russell Westbrook is getting traded ... Russ is getting traded because he’s the only way to improve the roster. And as much as the Lakers might want to try the most volatile basketball chemistry of any basketball team ever, they are not going to have Russell Westbrook and Beverly on the same team,” commented the analyst on ‘What's Wright? With Nick Wright’

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Let’s not forget that the former all-star defensive player and Russell Westbrook have had a beef since 2014, which came to a boiling point last season after a series of back-and-forth tweets. The bad blood between the two players is undeniable, which only adds more pressure on the Lakers to trade away the former MVP.

Nick Wright also added that if the Lakers don’t trade Westbrook away, there’s no way he could be in the same locker room with Beverley. “Can you imagine the disgust on Russell Westbrook’s face if he gets subbed out of the game and Patrick Beverley's coming in? That’s not happening,” concluded the analyst.

Can Russell Westbrook help the Lakers?

Right now, the biggest value that Russell Westbrook has for the Lakers is as a trade option. The relationship between the two parties is very broken. Also, there are some teams that might give the former MVP a second chance. The Lakers should trade Westbrook away for the good of both sides.


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