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Carmelo Anthony's likely future for the upcoming season

The veteran could be coming to New York according to reports. 

By James Brown

The veteran could be coming to New York according to reports. 
The veteran could be coming to New York according to reports. 
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According to sources Carmelo Anthony's future would be with the Brooklyn Nets as a potential target if the franchise ends up retaining Kevin Durant." There's been some talk about signing Carmelo Anthony, perhaps as a nod to Kevin Durant, but obviously that hasn't gone anywhere, at least not yet," an unnamed NBA executive told's Sean Deveney.

Melo, a 10-time All-Star small forward, spent last season with the Los Angeles Lakers after previously playing with the Denver Nuggets, New York Knicks, Oklahoma City Thunder, Houston Rockets and Portland Trail Blazers. Carmelo has shown that despite his age and multiple injuries, he has great talent and wants to use it to win a title.

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No team has more questions to answer before the 2022-23 season begins in October than the Nets and Lakers. 
There's no doubt it's all going to depend on what ends up happening with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. If they stay, the New York Islanders will once again try to build a competitive team to contend for a ring. A few days ago they made it clear to the Lakers, who are interested in Kyrie Irving, that they are not interested in receiving future draft picks, what they want is something with immediate impact.

Despite the horrible year the Lakers had, Carmelo was one of the standouts with the Los Angeles team last season. The Lakers player has not found a destination yet and is waiting for an offer that is satisfactory to his interests. It seemed that he was going to continue with the Los Angeles franchise, however, Los Angeles has opted to sign younger players to strengthen its roster.

Both teams looking to improve their roster

Both the Los Angeles Lakers and the Brooklyn Nets are waiting to reinforce their roster. With the imminent departure of Kevin Durant and the very likely departure of Kyrie Irving (who is said to be coming to the Lakers), the Brooklyn Nets want players who can fill the void left by both players. 



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