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Do LeBron James and Anthony Davis want to run it back together?

By James Brown

Do LeBron James and Anthony Davis want to run it back together?

There have been some rumours that LeBron James and Anthony Davis aren't on the same page going into the next season.

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This time last year, all the pundits had opinions completely polar opposite. They had just traded for Russell Westbrook, and on paper, they had assembled a super team, reality however, was disappointing. They ended last season with a 33-49 record, 11th in the Western Conference and missing the playoffs.This season, they have not fixed their glaring problems yet, and the predictions are not far from what they did last season.

The roster is one of the biggest questions coming to the next season. There is still a big if, with Kyrie Irving, but for now it seems that things will have to go through Anthony Davis and LeBron James. This doesn't sound so bad, but last season neither of the two were healthy enough to take the leadership of the team. Now for the upcoming season LeBron has declare that he wants the offense to go through Davis, maybe as a challenge or maybe as an improvement. 

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Some rumours have been said that Anthony Davis and LeBron James aren't in the same page, but according to NBA Analyst Jason McIntyre, this is far from the truth. “I have not heard that. I don’t know the guys personally, but I do know people who know LeBron and AD on a closer level…From the people that I talked to that do know people around LeBron and AD, they seem committed as much as ever to try and to lead the Los Angeles Lakers back to a championship." commented the analyst.

the truth is that last season Anthony Davis spent more time on the bench that on the court. He still put on some decent numbers every time he was available, but that's not enough, when you are hoping to compete for a championship. LeBron wasn't 100 percent healthy either but we couldn't see the duo as often as we would wanted and this hurt the team. If the Lakers want a chance at the playoffs they need both player giving their best.

Can the Lakers win without Davis or LeBron?

Both players have been in the eye of the news as the Lakers still want to upgrade their roster. Some analyst think LeBron should request a trade to a more competitive team just as he has done in the past. Other news explain that Lakers should offer Davis for Kyrie, but the only way this team can win is if they have both James and Davis in their roster with the addition of another top player like Durant or Irving.




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