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This is the reason why LeBron James shouldn't extend with the Lakers

By James Brown

This is the reason why LeBron James shouldn't extend with the Lakers

According to this NBA Analyst, LeBron James should not extend his contract with the Lakers this season

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LeBron James has officially been eligible to sign a contract extension with the Lakers since August 4th. Right now the ‘King’ has three options regarding his contract status, play out his current contract and hit free agency next summer, sign a one-year extension, or sign a two-year, $97M extension with the second year of the deal likely being a player option. However, NBA analyst, Tim Bontemps believes that LeBron should not extend before the start of the season. 

If James does not sign a contract this summer, he will be an unrestricted free agent in 2023. While it would give him the power to join any team, he would need to get a lower contract than if he just resign with the Los Angeles Lakers. At this point of his career, LeBron can decide if he wants to have some more money or win another championship. If he stays with the Lakers he might have a bigger salary, but right now the team can't offer him a chance at the title.

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"If he extends, he'll be in the same situation Kevin Durant is in frankly, right? Look at where Kevin's at. If he hadn't extended last summer, this whole thing would have played out so much differently. He would have the ability to choose where he wanted to go this summer. Obviously, he didn't have that choice because he extended." said Tim Botem on NBA Today. As it seems that the only way James can leave L.A. this season is requesting a trade just as Durant did.

Last season LeBron only played in 56 games due to a couple of injuries which cause the team to drop to 11th in the Western Conference and miss the playoffs. Still, he led the team in points per game and minutes played per game. He also was top three en rebounds, blocks, steals and assists, showing the team depends on him in order to have success. Now LeBron should decide whether he need the Lakers for his own success.

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Lakers still in the pursuit of Kyrie Irving, they just offered two first round picks plus Russell Westbrook for Irving. Still, there's no answer from the Brooklyn Nets, so the team still looks far from being competitive and eve further from a championship. If Lebron wants a chance of catching MJ's titles he might need to leave the team to one with a better roster.






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