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ESPN reporter says that Lakers need to trade Russell Westbrook ASAP

Everything seems to indicate that Russell Westbrook will leave the Lakers.

By James Brown

Everything seems to indicate that Russell Westbrook will leave the Lakers.
Everything seems to indicate that Russell Westbrook will leave the Lakers.
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By now everyone knows that the Los Angeles Lakers are looking to trade away the California native Russell Westbrook. After generating much expectation with his arrival to the Los Angeles Lakers, Russell Westbrook did nothing but disappoint the Lakers fans, because despite being along with LeBron James the best of the team, the mistakes he made were more than the successes he had. This can't happen to a former MVP.

Every day new rumors come out about the Los Angeles Lakers and Russell Westbrook. A couple of weeks ago the Los Lakers declared that the deadline for them to trade Russell Westbrook was the start of training camp. Kyrie Irving, Myles Turner, and Buddy Hield are just a few of the names that have been linked to the Los Angeles Lakers coming in Russell Westbrook's place. 

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The truth is that with each passing day there is less wiggle room for the Los Angeles Lakers front office. Although trades can be made with the season already underway, the ideal is for teams to be complete by the start of the season. Also part of the deal for LeBron James to sign his extension was to improve the roster.

Trading Westbrook could mean an improved roster for the Lakers. “So, to me they have to use this Westbrook contract and one of two of these picks to get the team better now because that's the only viable path they have to really improve in this team over the next couple years because otherwise it's literally just going to be AD, LeBron and a bunch of minimums and that's not going to be good enough.” Bontemps said.


He must leave

lthough Russell Westbrook can get back to the level he once was, the truth is that his relationship with the Los Angeles Lakers is very frayed. Darvin Ham has shown his support but it's all but a done deal for Russell Westbrook to leave the team and bring in someone who can make an immediate impact, whether it's Kyrie Irving or someone else.





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