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Even after retirement, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar keeps getting awards

By James Brown

Even after retirement, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar keeps getting awards

Lakers Legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, received an Emmy nomination for his participation in 'Black Patriots’ series.

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Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is one of the greatest players ever. Still, after 33 years after his retirement, he is a player that is really talked about. Up to this day, he still has the all-time scoring title. However, lately, he has been a part of many social movements. Since retiring from the NBA in 1989, Abdul-Jabbar has fought tirelessly for racial and religious equality and diversity, both through his work as an activist and as a best-selling author. Now he has a second Emmy Nomination for his work in a series.

His passion for these types of movements has opened a new window for the former player. Kareem was named a US global cultural ambassador in 2012. He was also given a Presidential Medal of Freedom by former President Barack Obama in 2016. The NBA has also given the all-star his acknowledgment by naming the Social Justice Champion award after him upon its launch in 2021 alongside two more players.

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Now Kareem Abdul Jabbar has received his second Emmy nomination for his narration in Black Patriots: Heroes of the Civil War." The documentary “takes a deep look at the Civil War, one of the most studied, debated, and dissected periods in American history, and the heroic figures who helped define and reshape the reality of a democracy” according to IMDb. This is the second time Kareem has participated in a documentary of this style.

“The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences has recognized Abdul-Jabbar's work on the film, nominating him for an Emmy in the “Outstanding Narrator” category” was explained in his nomination. The 6-time MVP was also awarded  the Double Helix Medal for his work in raising awareness for cancer research in 2011. That same year,  Abdul-Jabbar received an honorary degree from New York Institute of Technology. Plus the already mentioned first Emmy nomination for his “documentary special Black Patriots: Heroes of The Revolution”.

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