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Finally LeBron James will be a Lakers player for two more years

By James Brown

Finally LeBron James will be a Lakers player for two more years

After a lot of suspicions, LeBron James finally sign an extension with Los Angeles Lakers for two more years.

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The Los Angeles Lakers and their superstar LeBron James finally reached an agreement to extend his contract for two more years, according to ESPN. The contract will give the four- time MVP an amazing $97.1 million which will make him highest-earning player in NBA history. The contract will also include a player option for the 2024-25 season. This means that LeBron James will play with the Lakers at least until he is 40 years old. 

Many rumors surrounded the LeBron James extension talks, but it seems that everything is in the past now. The Lakers still don't have a competitive roster, but at least they have their best player locked in. Now the front office can focus on getting the Kyrie Irving trade done. The extension doesn't include a no-trade clause as the agreement was for an extension, not a new deal. Still, it doesn't seem as if the Lakers will want to trade LeBron away.

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LeBron James was by far the Lakers' best player last season. The problem was that he missed almost 30 games, and couldn't help the team to reach the playoffs. Let's hope this new deal motivates, not only him, but all Lakers players to play at their best to reach not only the next round but the Finals altogether. This deal will make LeBron James the highest-earning player in NBA history with $532 million in career guaranteed money, surpassing Kevin Durant's $498.69 million. guaranteed.

This new deal, includes a 15% Trade kicker (The percentage of a player's salary that is awarded as a bonus in the event of a trade.) However, James is ineligible to be traded during the upcoming 2022-23 season because the second year of his extension exceeds a 5% raise on his salary. Still, is not likely that the Lakers would want to trade him. Meanwhile this news might help the Lakers build for the future and maybe finally sign Kyrie Irving.

What is left in the Lakers Agenda?

Signing LeBron James to a new deal/extension was a most for the Lakers front office. With this out of the way, they can now focus in trading away Russell Westbrook as he has been more of a distraction than an asset. This trade should help the team in a big way so having Kyrie could be the reason why this team completes for the championship once more.







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