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LeBron James' son, Bronny, still not committed to any college

By James Brown

LeBron James' son, Bronny, still not committed to any college

Despite a lot of rumours surrounding Bronny's future, it seems that he's not yet ready to commit to any school.

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Bronny James has been the most talked basketball player with ‘James’ on his jersey in the last couple of days. This, of course, is in part because of the reactions that his father has make on his social media. Still the oldest of LeBron James' sons have been part of the most viral videos this month. This obviously have increase the rumours on what his future might be. Whether if its the G-League, overseas play, or a year or two of college.

Even though Bronny James isn't the once in a generation talent as his father was, he still a talented player and everyone is ready to see him play in the NBA, especially as LeBron has repeatedly say that he wants to play with his son before retirement. However, new reports say that Bronny's future is in college basketball. This would delay his entry to the league by a year or two, and so we would have to wait until we see a father and son duo in the NBA.

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With the news of Bronny wanting to play in a college program, everyone is making their own suspicions on where he can end up playing. ‘On3sports’ reported that Oregon might be the frontrunner to land the young player. However LeBron came on Twitter to shut down the rumours by saying, “He hasn’t taken one visit yet and has only had a few calls with coaches and universities, When Bronny makes his choice, you’ll hear it from him.”

LeBron James is entering the last year on his contract with the Lakers, and no news have been share of an extension. This means that LeBron could sign with any team he wants next season even if that means less money for the four-time MVP. LeBron James leaving the Lakers will mean that he can sign with the team that end up drafting his son, something that it's almost a guarantee.

When will Bronny James be drafted?

Bronny will be a senior at Sierra Canyon next season in 2022-23 at age 18. Being LeBron James son, someone would expect that he would enter the League as soon as possible, this means in the 2024 NBA draft. However after the news of him committing to a college program, it seems we will have to wait until 2025 to see him enter the NBA. LeBron James will be 41 in the 2025 season.







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