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For Stephen A. Smith there's no rivalry in Los Angeles

By James Brown

For Stephen A. Smith there's no rivalry in Los Angeles

According to Stephen A. Smith, the Lakers won't be a rival for the Clippers in the upcoming season.

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The Lakers have been by far the best team in Los Angeles in NBA history. With 17 titles, they not only dispute being the best team in their city, but they can argue about being the best team in NBA history. But recent history has people changing their minds about the Lakers. Right now, they are far from being the best team in Los Angeles that belongs to the Clippers. Even if the team hasn't won a championship yet, they are still a better team than the Purples and Gold right now.

First Take host , and NBA analyst Stephen A. Smith, argues that even with LeBron James, on the Lakers, the team are still losing against their rivals.  “In the end, you (LeBron), wanting to stay in L.A., matters, because when the Lakers are relevant, the basketball world is just, a better place.” explained Smith but he put many teams above them in the West “But from a talent perspective it don't make much of a different… Golden State, Memphis, Dallas, Phoenix, Minnesota"

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Of course, Stephen A. Smith also added the Clippers to the list of teams that right now are better than the Lakers. “I believe the Clippers are the biggest threat to the Lakers in the Western Conference… There is no rivalry in LA”. The analyst continues by showing the dominance the Clippers have had over the Lakers. The Clippers have beaten the Lakers like 32 times out the 38 or 39 times. They beat them I believe it is seven straight, it's been complete dominance".

Smith isn't wrong. The Lakers have had a lot of trouble defeating their city rivals, and this year the team will have both Leonard and George healthy. The Lakers still haven't solved their roster issues and everything points towards another sweep by the Clippers.  "I have news for you, the Lakers ain't even the best team in LA. The Clippers are mopping the streets of LA with the Los Angeles Lakers!", finished the analyst.

Pure Clippers dominance

As Stephen A.Smith commented. The Clippers have a record of 32 wins and only 7 losses to the Los Angeles Lakers in the last few years. They have a winning streak of seven games and they didn't even have their best player available. LeBron James hasn't won against Tyronn Lue since he joined the Clippers as the Head Coach. Without a big splash move, the Lakers probably will end up with a record of 11 straight losses vs the Clippers.



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