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Social media world explodes after LeBron James newest deal

By James Brown

Social media world explodes after LeBron James newest deal

LeBron James finally reach an agreement for a two year extension and this is how the social media reacted.

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LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers reach an agreement for a contract extension that will give the four-time NBA Champion a breaking $97.1 million. With this the Lakers have their leader for at least until 2025, and it will make him the highest-earning player in NBA history surpassing the likes of KEvin Durant. Now LeBron is ready to start a new season with his pockets full, and his mind on a fifth NBA title that will bring him closer to Jordan.

After the new about James extension came out, all social media went into total chaos. People didn't missed their chance to chip in with some opinion regarding the new multi-million deal for the already wealthy LeBron. Adrian Wojnarowski, form ESPN, was the reporter who break out the news. After it some decide to make some fun of the amount LeBron will get, and some other where just happy about the fact he will be a Laker for some more years.

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Lets not forget that LeBron finished last season as the Lakers leader in point scored with 30.1 per game. Not bad for a 37-year old player, on his 19th season. He also was top-three in all the major categories, assist, rebounds, blocks and steals despite missing almost 30 games during the campaign. entering his 20th season we can expect the ‘King’ to keep showing up day in and day out.  

Now the Lakers are left with some questions entering the next season. Signing LeBron James to a new deal was a most. But now the front office has to put all their effort on sort out Russell Westbrook status. He is still a part of the offer to the Brooklyn Nets to get Kyrie Irving. This move would certainly make them a big contenders for the title, but for now, Laker fans should enjoy the moment, as they will have one of the best players in league history for a couple of years.

What can we expect from the Lakers next season?

Right now, even after the LeBron James extension, the Lakers don't have a good roster to compete with the top teams in the NBA. In order to make a run for the title they will have to go over the defending champions  Warriors, the Luka Doncic Mavs, and of course over the Los Angeles Clippers. Without a trade, they don't have a chance.



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