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Former NBA champion explains how the Lakers can win another ring

By James Brown

Former NBA champion explains how the Lakers can win another ring

Former NBA champion with the Lakers, explains how his team can win another championship in the upcoming season.

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The Lakers have been close to mediocre in the last decade. True, they won a championship in the 2020 season, but it was a shortened campaign. Taking that year away, the Lakers have been closer to the bottom than to the playoffs. Even with LeBron James, they have missed the playoffs two times. However, the former Lakers champion thinks there's a way the team can win another ring.

Rick Fox was part of one of the best teams in NBA history, the 2000-2002 Lakers. The former small forward helped the team to the three-peat alongside Kobe and Shaq. Now he wants to see his former team win another championship, and he knows how they can do it.

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According to Rick Fox, the Lakers had just made the first step towards the championship, which was trading for Patrick Beverley. Now they just need to bring more players and the team will be set. The three-time champion used his Twitter account to show that he was excited after Beverley's trade and wanted to see the team go for Buddy Hield and Miles Turner too.

There have been plenty of rumors that put the Lakers as frontrunners to trade for the Pacers duo. However, according to some reports, the team's front office doesn't want to trade away two first round picks to get Turner and Hield. Right now, there are no official statements, but the Lakers need to get better before the start of the season.

Should the Lakers keep their first round picks?

The Lakers should decide now if they want to win now with LeBron James on their team or if they want to start planning on their future without the four-time MVP. If the teams want to win another ring before LeBron retires, they have to send their picks for players that can help them now.


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