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Former NBA player believes Lakers can 1000% win a Ring

By James Brown

Former NBA player believes Lakers can 1000% win a Ring

Former Chicago Bulls player Jay Williams, believes the Lakers can win a Championship with Kyrie Irving. 

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The Los Angeles Lakers are far from being a competitive team in the upcoming season. Last season they ended up winning only 33 games as they missed the playoffs. It seems signing Russell Westbrook wasn't the solution, as he was asked to be the leader of the team and he didn't live up to the expectations. Now the Lakers front office want to pull off a trade to get Kyrie Irving and send Russell Westbrook away.

However, even after the disastrous season the Lakers had last year, some people believe that the Lakers can still win a championship if they bring the right personnel. Former Chicago Bulls guard Jay Williams thinks that a LeBron James and Kyrie Irving reunion is just what the Lakers need to win Championship No.18, and finally surpass their all-time rival Boston Celtics. However, the Nets haven't shown interest in the Lakers' offers.

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The Lakers lack star power. They depend too much on Davis and LeBron and neither of the two can longer stay healthy. If they can add a All-star like Irving, the trio can definitely dominate the league. "If you're putting Kyrie Irving, Anthony Davis and LeBron James on the same team, yes, you could win a world championship with those three. Depending upon who you add to the bench or depth, but having those three at your core, 1000 percent yes you could win a championship." Explained Williams.

We already know that LeBron and Kyrie can lead a team to a championship, as they did in the 2016 season when they came back from a 3-1 deficit in the series against the Golden State Warriors. Davis and LeBron have also teamed up to win a title. There's no reason to believe the three of them together can dominate the league on their way to another Championship. That is, if the Nets accept the Lakers' offer for the All-star player.

Will the Nets trade Kyrie Irving?

The Lakers have already offered Russell Westbrook and two first round picks for Kyrie Irving. However, the Brooklyn Nets are unwilling to trade their all-star player if Kevin Durant stays on the team. The only way the Lakers can bring the two players together is if Kevin Durant also leaves the Nets.





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