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Jalen Rose doesn't believe LeBron James can lead the Lakers by himself

By James Brown

Jalen Rose doesn't believe LeBron James can lead the Lakers by himself

Former NBA player Jalen Rose, believes that LeBron James will not win another championship without any help.

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LeBron James has received his fair share of criticism throughout his career. Now he signed a new two-year extension with the Lakers, which puts more pressure on the future Hall of Famer to win another championship before he retires. Right now, the Lakers are projected to miss the playoffs just like they did last season. Former NBA player Jalen Rose believes that the only way the ‘King’ can win another championship is if they get some help.

Last season, LeBron led the Los Angeles Lakers in points scored and minutes played per game. He was also in the top three in all major categories. However, LeBron James missed almost 30 games throughout the season. This might be the reason why the Lakers ended up winning just 33 games, as they missed the playoffs. Rumors say that Kyrie Irving might be traded in exchange for Russell Westbrook and future first round picks.

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After the two-year extension, Jalen Rose, former NBA player and current NBA analyst for ESPN, believes that LeBron can't lead a team to a championship on his own. “That doesn't look like a contending team. That doesn't look like winning another championship with LeBron… If they don't add another player like that (Irving) they won't win another championship”. Expressed the analyst, as the team has only three top players in LeBron, AD and Westbrook, but the latter has already one foot out the door.

Rose also argues that the only way James and the Lakers can win another Championship is by adding one player and one player only. Kyrie Irving. “For the Lakers' future, if LeBron is going to win another Championship, one player beside those players is going to make it happen. Kyrie Irving. If they get Kyrie Irving to go with AD and LeBron, that makes them a clear big 3 and that makes them a contending team immediately," concluded the former point guard.

Does LeBron really want another ring?

LeBron James has been truly selfless throughout his career. He never chased individual stats, he only wanted to win games and win titles. He managed to win with every team he played for; Cleveland, Miami and now Los Angeles. However, it seems that LeBron might be thinking more about how he will be retiring and not winning one more ring. If he wanted to chase a title, he probably wouldn't sign an extension with the Lakers as they don't have a competitive roster.





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