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Grading the Los Angeles Lakers offseason moves so far

This is how the Los Angeles Lakers offseason have gone so far and the grade it deserves

By James Brown

This is how the Los Angeles Lakers offseason have gone so far and the grade it deserves
This is how the Los Angeles Lakers offseason have gone so far and the grade it deserves
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The Los Angeles Lakers have been by far, one of the worst teams during this offseason. Last year, the Los Angeles Lakers looked great on paper but fell off of the map. The team had three superstars according to the ratings but the team missed the playoffs and won a mere 33 games. We all are expecting the Lakers will look to fix their errors this season, but so far they have fall short of making a big move that make them contenders for the upcoming season.

If the Lakers goal during this offseason was to simply get younger, the Lakers did that by signing players like Scottie Pippen Jr., Thomas Bryant, Lonnie Walker IV, and Juan Toscano-Anderson. They also let go some of their big names vets such as Carmelo Anthony, Malik Monk or Kent Bazemore  . But by now we would expect them to sign someone that can help them immediately. They have made an offer for Kyrie Irving, but that's it, they can't win with the team they have right now.

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Russell Westbrook remains on the roster, and as long as he does, it’s hard to take this team seriously as a contender, not because he can't return to high level, but because he can't be a player that can overcome injuries like LeBron's or Davis'. Lakers front office have said that they expect Westbrook's roll as a corner 3-pointer can help the team moving forward, but that's only if they can't move him in the Irving's Trade.

After all this movements, or better said, lack of it, makes the Lakers have a low grade this offseason. They have become a younger team and the defense is slightly better on paper, but none of the acquisitions are stoppers by any means and they still haven't address the shooting side of the team, as they only have LeBron, Davis and Westbrook. The team grade can suddenly be better if they sign Irving, but Lakers cant depend on only one player to take them to the Championship.

The Los Angeles Lakers have D grade for this offseason.

There has been a lot of talks of what the Lakers should do during this offseason. So far they have only offer Westbrook and two first round picks to bring Kyrie Irving to Los Angeles, but they depend on the Nets. The Lakers should sign at least one or two free agents that can help in the defense, and another one that can help in the shooting side.









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