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Lakers fans want Kyrie Irving but this could be the trade that really saves them

By James Brown

Lakers fans want Kyrie Irving but this could be the trade that really saves them

If the Lakers can't land the Kyrie Irving trade, they should explore new options that can make them contenders again.

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Throughout the past month Los Angeles Lakers had been in the center of Kyrie Irving's possible trade. So far they have offer Russell Westbrook and two first round picks, but so far there has been no response from the Brooklyn Nets. Lakers front office should start exploring more options to try to compete for another championship. This NBA Insider has them trading their best player in LeBron James in order to get 5-Time All-Star & 2 Lottery Players.

LeBron James is still by far the Lakers best player, but he is entering the last year of his contract and even though there has been extension talks, no real deal has been put on the table. This is why Kevin O’Connor of The Ringer brought up an interesting proposal that sees the defending champions Golden State Warriors sending a haul of players including Klay Thompson to Los Angeles to land the 37-year old LeBron.

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The former first overall pick that the Lakers should add

“If Golden State flipped Klay Thompson, James Wiseman, Jonathan Kuminga, and future picks for LeBron, then elevated Jordan Poole and Moses Moody into Klay’s old role. They might win the next three championships. Would a collaboration between LeBron and Steph Curry plus Draymond Green end up representing one of the best teams in league history? This would be less an “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” decision like it seemed to be for Durant and more of a partnership between two of the greatest living artists.”

The real question here is who would be the real winner here. From Lakers side, they can have their draft picks back to create a young team that can surround both Davis and Thompson for the next couple of years, however they would have to keep Westbrook in their roster, something that they have desperately trying to avoid. For the Warriors, they'll be paring LeBron and Steph which can't be a bad thing, Warriors can win the next couple of championships with James on their roster.

The trio that the Lakers really need

Right now the Lakers have the trio of LeBron James, Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook, but as shown last season they are not the recipe for success, as they missed the playoffs altogether. The trio of Davies, Kyrie and LeBron is by far the best result that they would need to give up their future in picks in order to get it. Finally the trio of Davis, Thompson and Westbrook is one that hasn't been talked of but that can really be competitive.








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