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How LeBron James signing will improve Lakers jersey and merchandise sales

By James Brown

How LeBron James signing will improve Lakers jersey and merchandise sales

LeBron James has been the top player in the past 20 years, and him signing for two more years means Lakers sells will continue

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Time and time again, the Lakers show that they are the most polarizing and influential team in the NBA. Even after a disastrous NBA season, they will still sell the most merchandise. Added to this, they have the top player of the past two decades on their team, which undoubtedly helps at the time of selling jerseys.  Now with LeBron locked in for the next two seasons -with a third year option- the teams should expect to continue topping the charts.

According to, both LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers top the charts on the NBA’s Most Popular Jersey and Team Merchandise lists. These results are based on sales for the second half of the 2021-22 regular season, from Jan. 13 through April 10. This is the fourth year in a row that the ‘King' has been at the top of the chart in jerseys sold. Every year since signing with the Los Angeles Lakers.

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James has also topped the charts on four other different occasions. The King topped the charts of jerseys sold in his first year in the NBA when he won rookie of the year. Then he came back to the top with his #6 jersey on the Miami Heat both times the year after his championships. Finally, LeBron James topped the charts once more after he decided to return to Cleveland. Right now, LeBron James trials both Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant in most jerseys sold all-time, but we have no doubt he will top the list once he retires.

The Lakers, of course, will try to capitalize as much as they can with the new LeBron signing, especially because maybe, he will change numbers once again. Right now, the King is wearing number six, the same he wore when he was in Miami, but after the news that the league will retire No.6 for all teams, maybe LeBron decides to return to No.23 and make the fans buy his jersey again.

Where do the Lakers rank in the most valuable franchises list?

Right now, the Lakers are the third most valuable team in the NBA, according to Forbes. They trail the New York Knicks, who are number one with a value of $5.8 billion and an operating income of $71 million. Second place is for the Golden State Warriors. They are valued at $5.6 billion and a operating income of -$44 million. Finally, the Lakers have a value of $5.5 billion and an operating income of $66 million.



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