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The Lakers still want to add a playmaker to their roster

By James Brown

The Lakers still want to add a playmaker to their roster

According to Adrian Wojnarowski, the Lakers still want to add a guy that could be a playmaker for the team.

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The Lakers haven't made many moves during this offseason. They had let go some of their veteran players and replaced them with some youth, but nothing flashy. They also extended LeBron James for two more seasons, which is huge for the team, especially for marketing. But Lebron's move doesn't improve the roster that last season fell on their face as they missed the playoffs with a mediocre record of 33-49.

Adrian Wojnarowski from ESPN, commented that the Lakers aren't done making moves, and that they still want to sign another player that can make an immediate impact on the team. “I think the Lakers are still trying to add another guy that can shoot. A guy that can be a playmaker”. The NBA analyst also commented that there's no movement with the Kyrie Irving move as the Brooklyn Nets want to address the Kevin Durant situation first.

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The Lakers definitely need to make a move before the season starts as they are way behind in the projections. Teams like Dallas, Phoenix, the Warriors and especially the Clippers, have better odds to go on to win the West. However, Adrian Wojnarowski. believes that there's not that much of a rush for the team as they can still make some more moves once the season starts and they know where they are standing regarding the rest of the conference.

The analyst also commented that Buddy Hield and Eric Gordon might be options for the team, but the Lakers won't rush to make a decision. “They can also do nothing. But i think the Lakers also have an opportunity because they have their picks. Once the season starts, there's going to be trade possibilities, so they don't have to burn those assets right now. It might not be what Lakers fans are hoping for, which is Kyrie Irving, but Buddy Hield there Gordon. Those are viable options”.

Lakers moves so far

The Lakers haven't made many moves this offseason. Actually, it seems as if they haven't done anything, at least not to improve their chances of competing for a playoff spot. Besides extending LeBron, the Lakers have only signed Lonnie Walker IV,  Marvin Bagley III,  Scotty Pippen Jr., Juan Toscano-Anderson, Troy Brown Jr. and C Damian Jones.





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