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Jeanie Buss reveals the Los Angeles Lakers formula for success

By James Brown

Jeanie Buss reveals the Los Angeles Lakers formula for success

Lakers owner Jeanie Buss reveals the formula for success that the team has followed since the 80's.

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The Lakers are the most important and polarizing franchise in NBA history. They have now won 17 titles and are tied with the Boston Celtics as the teams with the most championships. Jerry Buss bought the Lakers in 1979. Since then, the team has won 11 championships, including one two years ago. Now Jeanie Buss, Jerry's daughter and current owner of the team, revealed the formula for success for the team.

During an interview for GQ, Jeanie Buss was asked how the Buss family turned a team with only 6 championships to the most successful franchise in NBA history. “My dad’s formula was putting together something that he would want to see. And the style of play that Magic Johnson had, he saw in the NCAA tournament, and he loved his style with the ball in his hands. He played with a smile on his face. That was the right formula, then.”

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Buss continued talking about the 2000's Lakers, and the current team. Explaining that if the team is important, they can have success. “That morphed into the Shaq and Kobe Era with Phil Jackson and now, here we are with LeBron James. It’s about always being in the conversation, always being competitive, and putting a product on the floor that fans want to see.”

Right now, even though the Lakers are not the most valuable franchise in the NBA (that goes for the Knicks), they are still the most popular one. They have the best players of this generation, which means they have a chance to win a championship every year.

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Since the 2010 championship, the Lakers have been in some kind of slope. True, they won the title in 2020, but that's more of an anomaly. The Lakers have been more at the bottom of the league than at the top.


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