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Lakers Carmelo Anthony better than Kevin Durant according to this player

By James Brown

Lakers Carmelo Anthony better than Kevin Durant according to this player

This NBA Champion said Carmelo Anthony in his prime was a better scorer than Kevin Durant

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Draymond Green is no new to speak his mind either in his own podcast or in interviews. This time he was recently interviewed on Volume Sports. During the interview he was asked who was the better scorer in their prime, Carmelo Anthony or Kevin Durant? after a small hesitation the four NBA champion decided on Carmelo Anthony. Green gave a small story on why he went with Melo, but this might be just another shot towards Durant.

Both players dominated the league during their prime. However right now we have to move the balance towards Durant. Last season Melo averaged over 13 points per game off the bench for the Lakers while shooting 44 percent from the floor and 37 percent from long range. Meanwhile Durant average 29.9 points per game shooting 51.8 percent as he was selected for his twelve All-Star game. But in neither of these players are at their prime right now.

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Of course this quote is just an opinion for Draymond Green and at the end he just added “But man that's a pick 'em for real. Can you go wrong with either one? I don't think so.” But it's hard to compare two players with different styles. There's no doubt Durant had a better career, a close call, but it has to go towards the one that was NBA champion Twice, NBA Finals MVP twice and NBA regular season MVP.

Right now Carmelo Anthony is a unrestricted free agent awaiting to be sign by any team, after his shortstop with the Lakers. This was his forth team in the last four seasons. However during his tenure in Los Angeles he manage put up 28 points in a win over the Memphis Grizzlies and moved past Moses Malone into the 9th place on the NBA all-time career scoring list. And scored 19 points in a loss to the Charlotte Hornets to become the 9th player in NBA history to reach 28,000 points.

Will Carmelo Anthony sign with another team or he retire a Laker?

Carmelo Anthony will forever be one of the best shooters of his era, however right now he might just be a serviceable backup. He can no longer help at defense, and his playmaking isn't top tier but he can put the ball in the basket, and he's still capable of doing that at a relatively high level.


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