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This is what the Lakers might offer to trade for Kyrie Irving

By James Brown

This is what the Lakers might offer to trade for Kyrie Irving

The Lakers are willing to offer a deal in order to land Kyrie Irving before the beginning of the season.

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For over a month now, rumours of the Lakers looking to land Kyrie Irving have surround the NBA. Reportedly, Lakers wanted to exchange Russell Westbrook for the Nets star, but after last season, Westbrook wasn't enough. Now the Lakers are willing to up the stakes by adding a couple of first round picks on the mix and it seems that's a reasonable price for the Brooklyn Nets to let go one of their two top players.

If somehow the Lakers manage to land up on Kyrie the trio of LeBron, Davis and Irving would be one to fear across the league. It also would help to achieve the promise that Rob Pelinka gave to LeBron of winning a championship each year that he stays in the team. However those are just mere word and having Kyrie on the team doesn't mean immediate success, but at least it sounds that they are willing to push on the cards now rather than later.

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The trade however look a less flashy that others we've seen this offseason, I mean, the Jazz got five players and five first round picks for Rudy Gobert. Kyrie is far better player that Gobert and the Lakers would be giving almost nothing for him, actually it seems that giving up Westbrook's contract in this trade helps even more the Lakers. Nets might end up in the losing side of the deal, especially as they might be facing losing their two top players before the season starts.

For the Los Angeles Lakers, this deal looks perfect. Not only they will be adding one of the best guards in the league but they will have the best trio by far in the NBA. If this were to happen, by the end of LeBron's career we might argue the trio is top three in Lakers history up with Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul Jabbar and James Worthy and Kobe Bryant Shaquille O'Neal and Derek Fisher, and by default they'll be top 10 all time.

Can the Lakers really land Kyrie Irving before the start of the season?

Seems that Russell Westbrook and two first round picks can be just what the Lakers had to offer in order to bring Kyrie Irving to Los Angeles, but as said above, some teams have offer a lot more for players not as good as Irving. If the Brooklyn Nets decide that they want more for the guard, the Lakers might just include another team in the negotiations to force Brooklyns hand to trade Kyrie.











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