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LeBron James appearance in CrawsOver Pro-Am was to prove something

By James Brown

LeBron James appearance in CrawsOver Pro-Am was to prove something

According to Shannon Sharpe, LeBron James appeared in a summer league game to prove he is still the best player.

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Last weekend, LeBron James played in Jamal Crawdford's CrawsOver Pro-Am league. Although it only went for two quarters, as it was called off due to condensation. Still, LeBron showed some highlights during the short time in Seattle, in the as he usually do. According to Undisputed host, Shannon Sharpe, the ‘King’ decided to participate in the summer league to prove that he is still one of the best players in the league.

“Giannis is the best player, Jokic is now better now, Luka is better now, Steph Curry is better now, Kevin Durant is better now. When have we not talked about LeBron James being the top one, two or three (best player). Now they are talking like I don't know he might be the sixth or seventh best player in the NBA. Don't think that man doesn't hear that,  don't think that man is ready to relinquish his throne as one of the handful of best players in the NBA”, argued the former NFL player.

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Sharpe also explained that the four-time NBA champion will have a great season, motivated by the rumors of him no longer being the top 3 in the league. “He says, I'm number one or two, I’m not ready to give that up, and I'm gonna show you. I put on the work in. I've been in the lab. Let me show it at the Pro-Am. Let me show to the young fellas what I've been working on. So I believe he is prime to come back to have an outstanding season”.

At the end, the four-time MVP was the first to leave the court as the game was being called off. That was the last game the player would have before training camp. Let's not forget that the Lakers will open next season against the defending champion Golden State Warriors and two days after, they'll play against their city rivals in the Los Angeles Clippers. Those two games will show us the level LeBron James is at, and whether the Lakers might compete for a ring or not.

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LeBron James is the Lakers' best player by far. He showed last season that, even with some injuries, that he can lead the team in points as he averaged a total of 30.3 point per game. However, besides Anthony Davis, there's no other player that can carry the team if both the players are out at some point. This puts the Lakers in the 17th spot in the latest ESPN power ranking.


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