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NBA GM suggest the Los Angeles Lakers add this 3-point shooter

According to an NBA GM, the Lakers should add Mychal Mulder as their new 3-point shooter.

By James Brown

According to an NBA GM, the Lakers should add Mychal Mulder as their new 3-point shooter.
According to an NBA GM, the Lakers should add Mychal Mulder as their new 3-point shooter.
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There's no doubt the Lakers have a huge roster problem. It seems that the team wanted to upgrade during this offseason, but in order to do so, they ended up letting go some veterans that were an important part of the wins that the team had last season. Still, Rob Pelinka believes they are not done and that they are going to add some size and some shooters. According to an NBA GM, there's a perfect player they could add.

The Lakers just signed LeBron James to an extension a couple of days ago, which is huge. But despite securing their best player for a couple more years, they haven't made any real movement this offseason that could make them contenders once again. The team is still looking to land Kyrie Irving via a trade, but this looks less possible by the day. A GM believes that Mychal Mulder could be a player that the Lakers could add that will help them in the 3-point shots department.

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According to the GM, adding Mulder could have some risk, but right now the Lakers don't have much of a choice. “Well, I don’t think they’re going the Wayne Ellington route again. But they can stick with finding a young guy who can maybe contribute as a shooter, who hasn’t gotten much of a chance yet. Mychal Mulder, when he has played, can be a shooter. That was always his reputation, but he had not got the chance. He’d be a good risk for a team that needs a guy like that,” the GM said.

Mulder hasn't played much in the NBA. Since entering the league in 2019, he has been part of only 84 regular games.  Still, during this time, the 28-year-old has averaged 5,8 points, 1.3 assists and  0.5 rebounds while shooting 57.3% from two and 36.9% from deep. These, of course, aren't MVP numbers but they are not expecting him to be one. Mulder would be just another piece to upgrade a very average roster right now.

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