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LeBron James reaction to Bryce James' first D1 college offer

By James Brown

LeBron James reaction to Bryce James' first D1 college offer

LeBron James' sons just keep making the news. Bryce, the younger of the two, received his first D1 offer and LeBron couldn't be more proud.

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LeBron James' sons have been all over the news in the past two weeks. Ever since LeBron shared a video of the two young players sharing a court for the first time. Then Bronny James, the older son, became an internet sensation after two amazing highlight plays, including a block worthy of his father. Now Bryce shared that he had received his first offer to play basketball at a Division 1 school. Of course, LeBron reacted to this announcement.

This past Sunday, Bryce announced that the Duquesne Dukes had given him an offer. This came after his participation with the California Basketball Club, Euro Tour. Right now, he is just 15-years-old, and has yet to enter his sophomore year. With two more years in high school, it's almost a guarantee that he will keep getting better and will keep receiving offers from more schools. Will just have to wait and see if he decides to go to college or wants to go pro after finishing high school.

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It was a matter of time to see LeBron James reacting to the great news about his son. He went to his Instagram account where he shared a photo of Bryce's news of getting his first D1 offer. He showed how proud he was, and added that more schools will try to recruit him in the future. “THE FIRST OF MANY!” included James on his post, followed by a couple of hands in the air emojis. There's no doubt LeBron is more than happy with the news.

As said above, Bryce still has a lot of basketball to play before he decides whether to commit to a school or to try the pro leagues. Right now, as a teenager, he's already 6'6 and he might even grow past that. Many reports argue that he'll be better than his brother, but that is yet to be seen. What is a guarantee, is that by 2026-27 we might be seeing the two brothers in the NBA either competing against each other or alongside each other.

Duquesne offer

There's no doubt that Bryce James has the ability to play for a D1 college in the near future. But probably it won't be with the Dukes. After all, being a D1 doesn't mean you're a powerhouse school. And right now, it seems that Bryce's talent might lead him to a school that will be competing for championships, and that would give him a better chance to be a first round pick in the NBA draft.


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