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LeBron James reacts to disastrous CrawsOver Pro-Am league

By James Brown

LeBron James reacts to disastrous CrawsOver Pro-Am league

What was supposed to be a celebration ended in a bizarre way due to condensation on the court.

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Jamal Crawford' CrawsOver was supposed to be full of excitement and celebration as it was LeBron James' first game in Seattle in almost 15 years. The league decided to call off the game after only two quarters due to condensation in the court. The wet and slippery conditions created a risky situation and it wasn't worth risking the players, especially a player as important as LeBron James. Now LeBron James has commented about the situation.

As usual, LeBron made use of his social media to get his opinion out into the public. Yesterday, he was the first player to leave the court as the games were called off. It almost seemed as if he didn't want to be there. Still, he managed to give the fans some highlight moves, such as a dunk on a great pass from Jasum Tatum. However, it was a disappointment, as fans wanted to see LeBron at his best for a whole game

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The day after the CrawsOver disaster, the ‘King’ came out onto his Twitter account and posted, “SEATTLE!! That was SPECIAL yesterday!! WHOA. Even with us having to stop playing because of things we couldn't control! I appreciate the love and hospitality towards me and my folks who came along for the show!”, showing some appreciation to all the fans that gathered to see his return to Seattle after almost 15 years.

Jamal Crawford also commented on his twitter account, “Few things.. 1) I’m sorry for those who couldn’t get in. Truly… 2) I had to make the decision to stop the game to protect the players. Tough, but right decision. 3) Thank you to all of the stars showing our city love!!!!” regarding how the summer league ended yesterday. . Now we are heading into training camp and in about a month from now, we'll be having preseason games.

Can LeBron lead the Lakers to the playoffs?

The truth is that, by himself, LeBron James is no longer able to lead a team to the playoffs. Not only that, but there is no longer a guarantee that he can stay healthy for the whole season. He has averaged a total of 52 games played since he joined the Lakers. Hopefully, the Lakers can surround him with some talent to compete for the championship. 



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