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LeBron James' son recieved souting report from veteran NBA player

By James Brown

LeBron James' son recieved souting report from veteran NBA player

LeBron James son, Bronny James, has received a scouting report from a 14 year NBA veteran after his social media outburst.

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Bronny and Bryce have been in the eye of the media lately as they have been shown in some videos, and LeBron has shown some love to them via his social network. The two young players played with the California Basketball Club overseas marking the first time we see the James brothers in the same court. Bronny had a solid first game with 11 points, six rebounds and three assists. He went 4-for-4 from inside the arc and rim, but was 0-for-6 from distance.

NBA veteran Thaddeus Young took notice on Bronnys game as everybody else and decided to give his own scouting report on the 17-year-old, “He’s solid as hell,. Obviously, probably not the elite of the elite. But he’s athletic, he’s strong, he plays defense, he can shoot the ball well, he can run the point guard position, he can play off ball. I love his game," expressed the Raptors power forward for the New York Times.

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LeBron James has be open toward playing with his son Bronny in the NBA before his retirement. The young basketball player can be eligible to play in the NBA as soon as the 2024 season, however new reports have shown that Bronny might opt to play in college basketball for one or two seasons which would delay his debut on the NBA. Thankfully for LeBron seems father time hasn't caught up to him and he still play for a couple more years.

Bronny has certainly receive more attention than ever, and his tournament overseas with the CBC will sure keep making him news all around the world making us imagine what it would be for him to play in the NBA with his father. But, for now we will have to conform ourselves with the right on the money ‘scouting report’ that the former 12th overall pick in the 2007 NBA draft, Thaddeus Young gave of the young player. 

Will Bronny join LeBron on the Lakers in the 2024?

We are still waiting on a LeBron James' extension with the Los Angeles Lakers. The 4-time MVP has been eligible for an extension since August 4th, and so far, there hasn't been any news. It seems that the ‘King’ might play his last year of contract without making a decision and hit the free agency to explore his options. The move still awaits the trade for Kyrie Irving.








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