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LeBron James and Anthony Davis out of the MVP projections

By James Brown

LeBron James and Anthony Davis out of the MVP projections

The two best players in Lakers roster, LeBron James and Anthony Davis, have been excluded from the MVP projections.

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ESPN recently did a poll, with their NBA insiders to project who can end up winning next season Most Valuable Player, and by surprise of many, neither LeBron James nor Anthony Davis appeared in the top five list. This could be a result of how last season ended, and the lack of movement the Lakers front office have done during this offseason. However, it seems wrong to take especially LeBron out of the contention for the award he has won four times prior.

To surprise of no one the list that ESPN put together includes players such as the two-time MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo as the top candidate. The 2018-2019 Rookie of the Year Luka Doncic grabbed the second spot after after he manage to be only player in NBA history with over 20 triple-doubles at age 21 or younger. Joel Embiid, the defending scoring champion had the third spot, followed by NBA champion Steph Curry. The list ended with Kawhi Leonard, shocking as Leonard did not play the entire 2021-2022.

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LeBron has prove time and time again he should never been carted off. Last season wasn't a bad display by LeBron, as he posted a 52% FG%, average 30.3 points per game, and averaged 8.2 rebounds this past season season. Still the MVP is also awarded to players with team success. Needless to say last season went particularly bad for the Lakers, and it seems this season won't be any different. This might be the reason why James missed the list.

Anthony Davis was the other great player that didn't make the cut for ESPN's list. Might be less of a shock than LeBron, but after seeing the top five, it doesn't make much of a sens to take out Davis. True he didn't play a big chunk of the season but he still averaged 23.2 points per game, shot over 53%, and also collected 9.9 rebounds per game. Davis durability is the big problem, as said for LeBron, team success is important for the MVP, and if you can't help the team win you can't be MVP.

What other player should have made the MVP list?

Of course it's hard to narrow all the candidates to the MVP to only five players. However there are some names that should've made the list. We already mention both LeBron James and Anthony Davis, but maybe the last MVP Nikola Jokić should have been mentioned. Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant are in somehow of a dilemma as they're still looking for a team, but both player can certainly play to an MVP level.






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