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NBA analyst believes LeBron James doesn’t make the Lakers favorites

By James Brown

NBA analyst believes LeBron James doesn’t make the Lakers favorites

According to NBA analyst Chris Broussard, believes that LeBron James in no longer a player that makes a team favorite to win.

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The Lakers haven’t been as successful as they would’ve wanted after LeBron James’ arrival. True, they have already won a championship, but two out of the other three seasons the 'King' have played for the Lakers, they’ve missed the playoffs. The third one, they were bounced out of the postseason in the first round.

Now the Lakers have signed LeBron James to a two-year extension that will give the future Hall of Famer $97 million. According to Jeanie Buss, they gave LeBron James the new deal because he gave them the best chance to win the championship. But according to NBA analyst Chris Broussard, this is no longer the case.

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“He’s gonna be 38 years old! Nobody is expecting him to lead the Lakers to another championship. If they get Buddy Hield and Myles Turner, are they the favorites in the West? In the hunt, in the mix, but favorites? No!” explained the analyst during an episode of the podcast ‘The Odd Couple’.

Broussard continued arguing that LeBron might have put on some great numbers last season, but he is not the dominant player he once was on both sides of the ball. “Anyone watching knows LeBron is not what he used to be. I know he averaged 30 [points], but LeBron James was not only great for his scoring and his passing, but his defense as well. He’s not close to that guy now, ” concluded the analyst.

Can LeBron carry a team to a title?

LeBron James is not the team player he once was. Yes, he was still able to put top numbers, but his durability was the top aspect of James’ game. Now he has been hurt more than he had been in his first 15 years in the NBA. He can’t carry a team to a title, but he can lead a good team to a championship.


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