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NBA analyst, brings Lakers back to reality after Kyrie Irving's trade failure

By James Brown

NBA analyst, brings Lakers back to reality after Kyrie Irving's trade failure

NBA analyst Skip Bayless, brings the Lakers back to reality as new rumors surface of a possible Kyrie Irving trade.

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The Los Angeles Lakers have tried to trade for Kyrie Irving since the offseason began. They reportedly offered two first-round picks and Russell Westbrook to the Brooklyn Nets in order to bring an all-star player. However, as Kevin Durant decided to stay with the Nets, the trade talks for Irving stopped. Now there are rumors that the Lakers might still trade for Irving midseason.

Now NBA analyst, and Undisputed host Skip Bayless argues that the Lakers should not consider Kyrie Irving as a possible saviour, as he causes more trouble than he solves. According to Skip Bayless, Irving was the reason why the Brooklyn Nets season ended in a huge disaster last year.

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“It sounds like some folks in Lakers headquarters are still clinging to the notion that Kyrie is going to come and save them. If not, this year is going to have to be next year, when he will be technically free. It amuses me that the [Lakers franchise] now considers Kyrie Irving a savior, when Kyrie Irving was the catalyst for tearing apart the Brooklyn Nets last year," explained the analyst.

Skip Bayless, continued arguing that it is kind of strange that even after what they saw from Kyrie last season, they still believe that he can't help the Lakers get to a championship. "Now the Lakers continue to view him, even going into next season, as the potential ‘please come and save us Kyrie Irving’.

Is Kyrie Irving the Lakers solution?

Kyrie Irving's talent is undeniable. The seven-time all-star player missed a lot of games last season and that affected the Nets during the season. If the Lakers can be sure that Kyrie IRving is going to be 100% for the team, he is worth it.


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