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NBA analyst explains why Patrick Beverley fits in the Lakers

By James Brown

NBA analyst explains why Patrick Beverley fits in the Lakers

According to NBA analyst Shannon Sharpe, Patrick Beverley is a perfect fit for the Lakers.

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The Lakers haven’t done much during this offseason. They let go some veterans and signed young talent. They also extended LeBron James to a two-year extension, which means they will have their best player for a couple more years. Now they made a move that actually improves the roster as they traded for all-NBA defensive player Patrick Beverley.

According to Undisputed host Shannon Sharpe, this move helped the Lakers a lot. The NFL Hall of Famer explained that the Purple and Gold needed more defensive players, and now, Beverley is the best defender in the roster. He also argued he fitted into the Darvin Ham scheme.

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"I like the deal a lot. I don't believe Patrick Beverley is the defender he once was, but he's better at defending than anybody the Lakers currently have..."What Pat brings to the table is exactly what Darvin Ham is looking for. A defensive intensity, a defensive mindset and a role player that understands his role and is willing to master that," argued Shannon Sharpe.

Patrick Beverley has a defensive rating of 108.6 in his career. Last season, the highest-rated player last season was Miami Heat's Kyle Lowry with a rating of 110.4 (2000 minutes played minimum). If Beverley could play close to his average, the Lakers would have added an amazing defensive player for the upcoming season.

What need the Lakers have to add next?

The Lakes upgraded their defensive side of the ball by adding Patrick Beverley. However, their offensive side is still not good enough. They have to add some players that can add 3 point-shots during the games.


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