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Patrick Beverley shares a story of his friendship with LeBron James

By James Brown

Patrick Beverley shares a story of his friendship with LeBron James

New Lakers player Patrick Beverley, shared the story of how his friendship with LeBron James started.

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The Lakers just traded for former all-defensive player Patrick Beverley. This move is the step forward for the team on their way to be competitive next season. According to reports, LeBron James advocated for the former Timberwolves player. Now, Beverley shared a story of how his friendship with the ‘King’ started, calling him a big brother.

According to Beverley, everything started after a call he made to the future Hall of Famer when he was in the Summer League. “I called him one day, ‘Hey man, it’s Pat Bev. I got your number from one of your good friends. If there’s anything you could help me (with) on the court, off the court. I’m a sponge. Whether it’s basketball, whether it’s fatherhood. Whatever it is. Just help me. … He told me, ‘I appreciate the call little bro. I got you forever,'” explained Beverley.

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Beverley continued explaining that since the first call, LeBron James started to mentor him. “Me and him, locked in. He gave me the blueprint of how to stay in the league consecutively over years and years. A lot of my credit, a lot of my success comes from the foundation that he helped lay in the beginning of my career,” he concluded.

Now, for the first time, both players are going to play together. Beverley will definitely help the team in their pursuit of a playoff chance and maybe in a championship run as the Lakers defense was a bottom ten last year. Still, the team has to make some moves if they want to go through the top team in the Western Conference.

Patrick Beverley role on the Lakers

The Lakers traded for Patrick Beverley to improve their defense. During their 2020 championship season, they had a top 3 defense. Last year they were 21st in defensive efficiency. The team has some holes to address but they are just starting.


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