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Preseason in sight. These are the teams the Lakers will face during the preseason.

By James Brown

Preseason in sight. These are the teams the Lakers will face during the preseason.

4 teams and 6 games.

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With the return of the NBA just around the corner, the Los Angeles Lakers have already scheduled preseason games for the new 2022 - 2023 season. So far there are six games to be played before October 18, when the Lakers will make their debut against the Golden State Warriors in the championship ring ceremony.

The Los Angeles Lakers will be facing four teams in a six-game set beginning Oct. 3 through Oct. 14. The teams the Los Angeles Lakers will play against are the Sacramento Kings, the Phoenix Suns, the Minnesota Timberwolves and the Golden State Warriors. Both the Minnesota Timberwolves and the Sacramento Kings will face them twice.

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It will be very important to give seriousness to this preseason because as mentioned in the Locked on Lakers podcast last season the preseason was not given the proper seriousness and the season ended up being a real disaster. These six games will allow us to see the ideas already implemented by Darwin Ham, besides being able to see the physical condition of players like Anthony Davis and LeBron James.

It is also worth mentioning that we will probably see the full roster, with or without Russell Westbrook, who is expected to leave the team, and the possible arrivals of Kyrie Irving and Patrick Beverly. The latter has been linked to the Los Angeles Lakers in recent days. The preseason game against the golden state warriors will also be key to better plan for the first game of the season against them.

The importance of getting into rhythm in the preseason 

Last season, the preseason gave us a warning of the failure that was on the way, as we did not win a single one of the 6 games played. Although LeBron James and Anthony Davis were not present in all of them, neither were the stars of the respective rivals. Let's hope that this year things will be different since the preseason.

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