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If LBJ wants to win more NBA rings with the Lakers, here's what he needs to do

The path LeBron must follow so he can get his 5th ring 

By James Brown

The path LeBron must follow so he can get his 5th ring 
The path LeBron must follow so he can get his 5th ring 
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Lakers fans are waiting for the possible contract extension of King LeBron James. 1 or 2 more years for 47 and 50 million respectively. A salary that despite being very high, falls short for someone like LeBron James. But despite deserving that salary, LeBron could sacrifice some of that money to give more salary margin to the Los Angeles Lakers.

At this point, LeBron has more money than he could ever imagine. If he wants to get paid what he does or more, that's his right and he's earned it. However, it is known that Laker's salary cap is not very good. This salary cap was severely affected by contracts like Russell Westbrook's 47 million.

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What a great lack of respect for Lakers fans.

Lebron James is only interested in stats. He don't care about anything else.


If LeBron wants to compete for his fifth championship ring, the best option would be to lower his salary explains the NBA writer for ESPN; Tim Bontemps; “They don’t have enough salary cap space to go out and fill in the roster around LeBron and Anthony Davis, and the one way they have to do that is for LeBron to wait until next summer, opt out of his contract, and like James Harden did this summer with Philly, take a little bit less money, and allow them to fill in around him and Anthony Davis on this roster. If he signs a max extension this summer, the Lakers are stuck in the exact same situation they are in now and they’re going to be in that situation going forward.”

The problem with waiting until LeBron is a free agent is that if he gets a much more attractive offer than the Los Angeles Lakers, he could take it with no problem and the Lakers would get nothing in return. We will have to wait and see how this episode ends, for now, it is said that everything is going well for LeBron to continue as a laker and Rob Pelinka let him know that he wants him to retire with the gold and purple jersey.

Possible contract extension for LeBron James

LeBron is currently in the final year of his contract with the Los Angeles Lakers. Last week King LeBron James held a meeting with Rob Pelinka, the team's vice president of operations and according to several Lakers insiders, everything is going according to plan. The extension would be for 1 or 2 years depending on what James wants. Pelinka expressed his interest in having him retire as a Lakers player and told him that he will do everything possible to give him a team that can compete for the rest of his playing years.



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