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Scottie Pippen Jr. is motivated by LeBron James workouts

By James Brown

Scottie Pippen Jr. is motivated by LeBron James workouts

Scottie Pippen Jr. said that seeing LeBron James working out motivates him to keep grinding.

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Scottie Pippen Jr. might be one of the most interesting young players in the league. Of course, when your father is one of the best players to ever played the sport, you will get some recognition even without playing with in pros yet. A few weeks back, LeBron James said that Scottie Pippen Jr. was going to be special. Now the young basketball player gave back praise to the ‘King’ by saying that he motivates him to keep working.

Although the new Lakers player carries one of the most recognisable names in the sport, he went undrafted in the 2022 NBA Draft. This helped the Lakers to sign him to a two-way deal as he might play some time with the team's G-League affiliate, ‘South Bay Lakers’. During the off season, Scottie Pippen Jr, took part in the Summer League where he scored 14 points, 6 rebounds, and 3 assists, in a 100–66 win over the Miami Heat.

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During a interview on the Lakeshow podcast, Scottie Pippen Jr commented, “The craziest thing is see him (LeBron James) everyday at the gym, seeing him working… it's still a weird feeling for me… To see him in the morning grinding, working, says a lot about him, says a lot about why he's so great at what he does, you know it motivates me to work harder too." explained Pippen who already had a relationship with LeBron James through his father.

Now, signing Scottie Pippen Jr made one of the few movements the Lakers made during the offseason, but as a rookie, they are not expecting him to be life-changing. It will be interesting to see if they give him a chance to play with the team this season or if he ends up playing most of the year in the G-League. The Lakers might have the need to keep him around as the roster is not deep enough yet.

Will Scottie Pippen Jr live up to his name?

The media should not put too much pressure on a person only because of what his last name might be. Right now, Scottie Pippen Jr, is one of the most well known names in the sport as his father was one of the best players to ever played in the NBA. Without Pippen, Michael Jordan might not be Michael Jordan. Pippen Jr went undrafted out of Vanderbilt before signing with the Lakers. In contrast, his father was fifth overall. We should not expect greatness from Scottie Pippen Jr, but  he might end up being a solid player.


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