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Patrick Beverley’s weakness that can affect the Lakers

By James Brown

Patrick Beverley’s weakness that can affect the Lakers

The Lakers just traded for Patrick Beverley, but this could’ve been a mistake for the upcoming season.

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The Los Angeles Lakers desperately needed to upgrade their roster as last year ended in a huge failure for the team. Now they traded two young players to the Utah Jazz in exchange for an all-NBA defensive player in Patrick Beverley. This looks like a great move, but it might have been a mistake by the Lakers.

The Purple and Gold needed a player that could do what Patrick Beverley does on the court. Defend. Last season they were bottom ten in defensive efficiency, so they needed a player that could improve that side of the ball. Beverley is by far the best defensive player that the team has right now.

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Unfortunately for the Lakers, Patrick Beverley has had a huge weakness in the last couple of years. Since the 2017-18 season, Beverley has missed 155 out of 390 regular season games, largely due to a variety of injuries. He can be a dominant defender, but he has to remain healthy to be one.

This is one of the biggest problems for the Lakers. Their two best players can’t remain healthy. Last season, LeBron James missed almost 30 games. He’s no longer the ‘Iron-man’ he once was. And Anthony Davis has been known for his injuries throughout the years. Last season he missed 42 games.

Lakers curse

The Lakers have been cursed by injuries. The last years of Kobe Bryant’s career were cut short because of a series of injuries. Now the Lakers have been suffering from injuries to LeBron James and Anthony Davis.


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