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Shaq's 4 side chicks are revealed and you won't believe number 1.

Shaquille O'Neal, the womanizer of the Lakers 

By James Brown

Shaquille O'Neal, the womanizer of the Lakers 
Shaquille O'Neal, the womanizer of the Lakers 
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If there's anyone in NBA history who isn't afraid to tell things as they are, it's Shaq. The Lakers icon recently said something his wife and children won't love. "Shaq Atack" stated that he has a polyamorous relationship in which he has 4 side chicks. Yeah, 4! And we dont think thats enough for the Laker idol.

In a recent interview for "the big podcast", the 4 times NBA champion reveals his current sentimental situation.  "I'm married to a girl named Couch," O'Neal said. "I have a secondary girl named Netflix. I have another secondary girl named Amazon, and my favorite secondary girl is Hulu. And they keep me busy. That's how I relax. After work, I like to go home, sit down and relax.

It takes great courage and talent to be able to fulfill the needs of the "big fella" but there is no doubt that his mistresses perfectly accomplish the task. Not only are they up to the task but they have Shaq floating on clouds. And how could he not enjoy himself  after so many hits, pushes and jumps in the NBA, he now enjoys life like no one else. 

After watching our big guy dominate on the court, it's nice to know he's enjoying the post-NBA life as it should be. Getting his well-deserved rest and living in a great mood. But we want to tell him to leave something for the rest of us (at least his lovers have no problem being with more people at the same time).


Shaquille O' Neal, the perfect man 

Shaq is not only a great lover, but he has also proven to have multiple skills (beyond basketball where he dominated and was NBA champion 4 times). Shaq also had his time as a musician with songs like "I'm outstanding" and “Whats Up doc?” from his Shaq Diesel album . He also has been into the wrestling world as a manager in the WWE. We almost forgot, besides all this he is also a generous philanthropist. Is there anything this man doesn't do well?

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