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Should LeBron James request a trade out of Los Angeles?

By James Brown

Should LeBron James request a trade out of Los Angeles?

A NBA insider explains that LeBron Should request a trade out of Los Angeles to win more games

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LeBron James  has been eligible for a new contract since August 4th. James can sign either a one-year or two-year extension with the Lakers, sign a new contract that goes up to three years or playout next season and leave as a free agent and look for a new team. However talks haven't go either way and seems that Lebron is waiting on the front office before making a decision. The Ringer's Kevin O'Connor believes that a trade request in no out of the question.

Kevin O'Connor believes that a trade request can help him to win another championship, but this is only if the Lakers front office doesn't make a move to make a competitive roster. Los Angeles have reportedly offer two first round picks and Russell Westbrook in order to get Kyrie Irving from the Brooklyn Nets. The trio of Irving, Davis and LeBron can be the reason why he stays but otherwise, James might be better off.

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"If the Lakers don’t do everything they can to build a title contender around LeBron, or if they try to do so and fail, he should leave for basketball reasons. Family, business, and the joy that comes from living in Los Angeles might outweigh the desire to bolster his legacy in a new city. But there are still chapters to be written that involve him winning on the court." Let's remember that LeBron is no one new to change teams in order to win championships.

James still have three options on the table, extension, a new multiyear deal with the Lakers or a new multiyear deal elsewhere. Out of the three, a  new multiyear deal with Los Angeles would pay him the most. The decision of a trade request can depend in the movement the front office makes before the start of the season trying to build a competitive roster, but also it can depends in the amount of money he wants before his retirement.

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Rob Pelinka reportedly offered LeBron James a title for every year he stays with the team. However last season they not only missed the chance of a title but missed the playoffs altogether. This year the team doesn't look as competitive as other franchises. A movement of the front office might be the only way James decide to extend with the Lakers.




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