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Should the Lakers make this 'Showtime-esque' trade before the season oppener?

By James Brown

Should the Lakers make this 'Showtime-esque' trade before the season oppener?

Lakers are in serious need of a free agent signing or trade that could maker the contender again, and this move could be the answer.

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Los Angeles Lakers have put all their cards on the table in order to trade for Kyrie Irving. First the purples and gold offer Russell Westbrook in exchange for Irving, then they lift up the stakes by adding two first round picks. Now they are waiting for a response from the Brooklyn Nets, but as the days go by, it seems that maybe this trade won't happen. The Lakers should offer something more to get the All-star player or wait until Durant is traded.

It seems that the Brooklyn Nets want to trade Kevin Durant before looking at Kyrie Irving's proposals. One thing is clear, the Nets wont have either player by the start of the next season. Meanwhile, the Lakers seem ok, with their current roster as they haven't donde any other move besides the Irving's offer. If thing keep going their current way, we can expect another disappointing season for the Lakers, even with three All-Star players in their roster.

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However, Bleacher Report analyst, made a proposal that turn the League upside down. And even if they it's almost impossible to happen, it is worth fantasize about ir. "Anthony Davis, Russell Westbrook and two future first-round picks to Nets for Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. In a single swap, the Lakers could go from swimming upstream toward the play-in tournament to cannon-ball splashing their way into the deep end of contenders." argue Zach Buckley. 

The Lakers aren't thinking in trading for Durant, even if this move makes them immediate championship contenders it's far from a possibility. Both LeBron and Ham have make it clear they want Davis on their roster. And even if the team is willing to offer AD on a trade, seems almost impossible that the Nets would want a declining Westbrook and a prone-injury Davis in exchange for two of the best player in the NBA.

What's next for the Lakers?

Training camp is just around the corner and the season opener is almost two months away. Lakers still hoping to make a move via trade for Kyrie Irving, but head coach Darvin Harm should start looking to make the most out of the roster they already have, Westbrook included. According to Yahoo Sports, they already have a plan for the former MVP, but it's yet to see if after everything, Westbrook wants to stay in L.A.





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