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Los Angeles Lakers player looks ready to start the new season

By James Brown

Los Angeles Lakers player looks ready to start the new season

Talen Horton-Tucker looks already on shape to start the next season, after a disappointing display in 2021

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Lakers fans can always appreciated when their players put their extra work before the start of the season, especially when the look sharp and ready to help the team to win a couple of games. Now Talen Horton-Tucker has shown his skills in the basketball court during a Drew League appearance in July and now continued by turned up to Chicago’s pro-am event, Dreamville Chi League, earlier this week to get some extra minutes on the court.

It's fair to say that Talen Horton-Tucker last season was quite a disappointment as he had some really low lows. The Lakers guard averaged 10.0 points, 3.2 rebounds and 2.7 assists in 60 games in 2021-22. Overall Horton-Tucker did not live up to expectations in his third season  but there still remains some promise around Horton-Tucker as he still will only be 21 years old at the start of next season. and the videos show him ready to take a step up.

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The bad stats last season wasn't all Horton-Tucker's fault, as he also suffered a couple of injuries alongside the season. However let's not forget he entered last season after signing a new three-year $30.8 million contract with the Lakers, lifting the expectations even more, something that he didn't lived up to, at least last season. Now it seems he won't be in the starting lineup but if he keeps working he might help the team to reach the playoffs.

A couple months ago  he commented, “I feel like I put more pressure on myself for another reason. Not because of that, though. I felt like coming into the year I just had to prepare myself to be in a role that I wasn’t going to be used to, so just being able to lock into that was the most important thing. It was probably would’ve been pressure with that, but not really," and now after the couple of performances he said he just need to “tuned things up”.

What role can Horton-Tucker play next season?

Everythings is circling around the Kyrie Irving's trade. There's no doubt the best option for the team is to trade Russell Westbrook and everything necessary to get the All-star guard. However there still no answer from the Brooklyn Nets. Horton-Tucker will have to fight for a spot with Kendrick Nunn, and Lennie Walker lV, in order to play and show what he can do.




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