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Suns' star Chris Paul believes that LeBron James is not slowing down

By James Brown

Suns' star Chris Paul believes that LeBron James is not slowing down

According to Phoenix Star Chris Paul, LeBron James put on too much work to not hang the towel any time soon.

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LeBron James is undoubtedly one of the greatest player ever. However, he is now entering his 20th season at age 38. Despite still putting MVP caliber numbers last season, the rumors about the ‘King’s' retirement are growing by the day. Chris Paul, however, still believes LeBron has too much basketball left.

During an interview on JJ Redick’s podcast, The Old Man & The Three, Paul explained that James is putting too much work to keep playing in the NBA. “I’m not surprised by it because I know how he trains,” Paul said. “I know his discipline. … All that stuff you’re seeing, that’s not going away anytime soon. Everybody can stop.”

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The Suns' star continue by adding that everybody should relax, because age is not a factor if you put the workout needed.“Once you find something that works, and you know that getting a little older or whatnot, it doesn’t matter, Bron ain’t slowing down no time soon, so everybody be cool.”

LeBron James has repeatedly said that he wants to play with his son Bronny before retirement. After reports that claim the young player will attend college, we are expecting that the ‘King’ will play at least until 2025, so that he can be alongside his son.

When will LeBron James stop?

LeBron James still needs some boxes to mark on his ‘to do list’. The first one will be break the all-time scoring record, which he will do before the end of the upcoming season. Maybe there's another championship too, but that looks harder to achieve. Playing with Bronny might be the last thing he will do before retirement.


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