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Skip Bayless disqualifies LeBron James from the GOAT discussion

By James Brown

Skip Bayless disqualifies LeBron James from the GOAT discussion

According to Undisputed host Skip Bayless, LeBron James is disqualified from any GOAT discussion.

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Many people argue that LeBron James is the best player to ever play the sport. He undeniably is a top 5 talent in NBA history. However, according to Undisputed host, Skip Bayless, LeBron James has been really bad in some categories and so that disqualifies James from any GOAT discussion.

During an episode of Undisputed, Bayless argued that LeBron James has been awful as a shooter, "He's a career 34.6% 3-point shooter. That is horrendously bad for a GOAT. It's impossible. Since LeBron entered this league, for those players who've attempted 3,000 or more 3-point shots, LeBron ranks 63rd out of 70. That is 'disqualifyingly' bad”.

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Bayless continued arguing that he can’t be considered over Michael Jordan as the Greatest Of All Time, because he cannot shoot, “Look at his free-throw shooting, it's 73.4% since he entered the league. Those who've taken 4,000 or more free throws, he ranks 29th of 33. You're disqualified from any GOAT discussion. He's not Jordan because he can't shoot.” 

Still, LeBron James might not be a great shooter, but he is still on his way to breaking Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's all-time scoring record in the upcoming season. Bayless might have a point in LeBron James’ efficiency while shooting threes. But he still puts unheard numbers. 

Can LeBron be the GOAT? 

Longevity will be LeBron James' biggest ally in the discussion of the greatest player ever. He’s entering his 20th season and still putting on MVP-caliber numbers. If he can go for five more years, he might end up as top 1 or top 2 in all major categories by the end of his career.  


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