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The First Lakers vs Clippers matchup is already set

By James Brown

The First Lakers vs Clippers matchup is already set

The NBA Schedule are coming out next week or so. However there are some matchups that are already set.

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As always, the NBA Schedule is something that always intrigue us, especially the first matchup, the Christmas day game, and some of the games against the biggest rivals. So far it seems that we already know who the Lakers are facing in each instance. Los Angeles open season against the NBA Champions, they''l face the Mavericks in the Christmas day and they have their first game against the Clippers set.

The Lakers learned they will open up the regular season against the Golden State Warriors on the night the defending champions will receive their rings at Chase Center on Oct. 18. Then the 25th of December the Lakers are expected to travel to take on Luka Doncic and the Dallas Mavericks. And now the game vs their city rivals, the Clippers is set for Oct 20th, only a couple of days after the opening night.

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The Lakers have to complicated matchups to start the season. Especially when you take into account that the team only won one game out of the four matchups they had last season. They also had a rough time last season as even without Leonard, the Clippers still swept the Lakers in 2021-22, . Not only that but they also have a losing streak against their city rivals of seven consecutive games, and a record of 32-7 in the last 39 games played. 

Right now the Lakers look like underdogs in two of their three games that are already set. Both games against the Golden State Warriors and Los Angeles Clippers seem to be losses for the Lakers in the upcoming season. Maybe in the game against the Dallas Maverick they have favorable odds, but let's not forget the have lost four out of their last six encounters, so they might be underdogs in all of three matchups.

Can the Lakers win their first two games of the Season?

There's no doubt it will be a rough start of the season for the Los Angeles Lakers as the two first matchups are against Championship contenders. And if they don't find a way to land Kyrie Irving before the start of the season, they won't have a roster to compete. Sure they'll will win some games because of LeBron and Davis, but probably can't compete  in the two first games and even less for the playoffs.







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