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The L.A Lakers and the L.A Clippers are the same right now

By James Brown

The L.A Lakers and the L.A Clippers are the same right now

The Los Angeles Lakers have the same issue as the Los Angeles Clippers going into the next season.

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The Lakers have been a below-average team in the last couple of years. True, they won the championship in the 2020 season, but despite that season, they have been more at the bottom than at the top. In contrast, the Clippers have been one of the best teams in the NBA but they can't find the way to win an NBA championship despite their talent.

According to two-time NBA champion with the Los Angeles Lakers, Norm Nixon, he can't put the Clippers above the Lakers right now. Many projections put the Clippers as favorites for the title, and the Lakers barely making the playoffs. But Nixon believes that both teams suffer the same issue. Health.

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During an interview with Clutchpoints, Nixon explained that he needs to see the Clippers healthy to believe they can be favorites. “We gotta see how healthy everybody is. I don’t jump on these bandwagons. We gotta see if these guys can play and get a string of games together. If they do, you’re gonna have a competitive team as well as the Lakers. They’ll be competitive too – IF they can stay healthy and that’s the if.”

The Clippers look like a really competitive team, especially on paper. With Kawhi Leonard and Paul George as their leaders. But the Lakers also have a great team on paper with Anthony Davis, Patrick Beverley and, of course, LeBron James. The problem with all the players mentioned above is that they seem like they can't stay healthy.

Clippers dominance over the Lakers

Right now, the Clippers have a 7-game streak over the Lakers. They also have won 32-7 since 2012-13. However, the Lakers still have 17 titles over the 0 that the Clippers have.


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