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The LeBron James vs Michael Jordan GOAT debate is over?

By James Brown

The LeBron James vs Michael Jordan GOAT debate is over?

Jeanie Buss, Lakers Owner, called Michael Jordan the greatest player in NBA history over their actual Lakers player Lebron James.

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The NBA's GOAT (greatest of all time) conversation has revolved around Jordan and James for years, and it has only intensified as James has added to an already incredible resume. Of course, as all debates go, it's about preferences, most players that played against Jordan will say he's the GOAT, but the players that went against LeBron will say otherwise. Despite everything it seems Lakers owner Jeanie Buss thinks Jordan is greater than James. 

LeBron is by far the greatest player of his generation, and for that he is the best player on today's Los Angeles Lakers' roster. Everything the front office has done in the past couple of years is in order to win another championship with LeBron as their leader but no even that dissuaded Jeanie Buss to choose Jordan as the best of all time. She said “Michael Jordan is the greatest of all time,” in the promotional trailer for the popular video game NBA 2K.

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The dispute will continue going probably until the end of era, or maybe until we see another player that can compete for the title between these two freak competitors. Still you can make your own choice based on numbers or based on eye test, either way there will be debate. For now we will reserve our vote and trust that Lakers owner knows her basketball as she have seen some of the best players ever first handed.

Just in case you want to make your own vote, here's some data you can use. Jordan is superior in the scoring department, but James grabs rebounds and dishes out assists at a higher rate. Jordan finished first in the league in steals three times in his career yet James has not yet claimed a steals title. In terms of longevity, James holds a clear advantage and he probably will widen the gap. Of course titles and MVPs go on Jordan side but James have more All-Star and All-NBA. Just as said above. Make your choice.

Can LeBron James close the debate on the NBA GOAT?

In order for LeBron James to close the debate against jordan for the Greatest of all time, he will have to win at least three more titles and win finals MVP in all of them. That right now seems impossible especially with the team he has but even with the longevity on his side, people can't give him the title of GOAT until he surpass Jordan in those categories.


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