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The Los Angeles Lakers stars who attended Draymond Green's wedding

Rivals on the court, friends off the court.

By James Brown

Rivals on the court, friends off the court.
Rivals on the court, friends off the court.
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One of the great rivalries that the NBA has given us in recent years is undoubtedly that of LeBron James against the Golden State Warriors of Stephen Curry and Diamond Green. Multiple Finals between these players have made this an epic rivalry. While Golden State has won 3 Finals over LeBron, LeBron won one after being down by 3-1, something that has never been done before.

Yesterday, Draymond Green's wedding took place. An event that of course was attended by hundreds of people. Among those people was Juan Toscano - Anderson and King LeBron James. Beyond the rivalry on the court, it seems that the Golden State players and King LeBron James have a great friendship, as they even posed in a photo that King himself post and captioned "444" in reference to the 4 rings that each has (LeBron, Stephen Curry and Draymond Green).

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This is not the first time LeBron and Stephen Curry are seen to have such a good dynamic between them. In last season's all-star, LeBron James picked him for his team and we could see how king LeBron James was thrilled with Stephen curry's three-pointers while Stephen Curry was paying attention to LeBron's pre-game ritual.

Yes, when it comes to basketball the rivalry exists and it is a big one as Golden State and LeBron's teams have starred in the NBA in recent years. However, these great players teach us that what happens on the court stays on the court. And they show us that beyond the rumors and bad press, they have a great friendship.

Opening match

Curiously, the first game of the season for the Los Angeles Lakers is against the Golden State Warriors. At that game, the championship ring ceremony will take place. Even though everyone says that LeBron will be upset at that event, LeBron is a great professional and has no problem recognizing someone. He will surely hurt the king's pride, but not because he is Golden State, but because he is a great competitor and will always want to be the one who wins.


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