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The tough decision LeBron James must make before the season starts

Now he will have to decide between two possible options.

By James Brown

Now he will have to decide between two possible options.
Now he will have to decide between two possible options.
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The NBA has announced that the legendary number 6 of the great Bill Russell will be retired from each and every NBA team. Bill Russell passed away last month at the age of 88. Bill Russell is considered one of the greatest players of all time because his impact on basketball was unique. Eleven championships and multiple individual awards have made Bill Russell a legend. He was also a great figure in the fight against discrimination.

As soon as this news was released, speculation began about what would happen to players currently wearing the number 6, such as Alex Caruso with the Bulls, Porzingis with the Wizards, and of course LeBron James with the Los Angeles Lakers. The NBA quickly stated that players currently wearing the number 6 will not have to change their number, however, they will be the last players from each respective institution to wear the number 6. In other words, LeBron James will be the last Laker player to wear the number 6 on his uniform.

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Although there is no reason to change the number, the question arises as to whether LeBron will return to the legendary number 23 or stay with the number 6. LeBron James could leave the number 6 as a form of respect for the Boston Celtics legend, which of course would be a nice touch since he is not obligated to do so. The other option is that LeBron decides to wear that number in honor of Bill Russell. Wearing the number of an NBA idol could serve as extra motivation for The King LeBron (not that he needs it).

LeBron has had no problem changing his number. Recall that in his early years he wore number 23 with the Cavaliers and later wore number 6 with the Miami Heat. In his return to Cleveland, he went back to the number 23, number with which he arrived at the Lakers to once again return to the number 6 for last season. Although he has only worn two numbers, the reality is that he has changed his jersey number several times.

So the question is, number 6 or 23?

Now LeBron will have to choose between 6 or 23 or why not some other number. The number of the uniform is not what matters. What matters is the team each player represents. The number does not play. Whatever number King LeBron chooses, he will undoubtedly remain one of the best players in history. It only remains to wait to know what will be the final decision of LeBron who is fond of both numbers because the number 6 was used by one of his idols; Julius Erving and the other because of Michael Jordan.


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