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The Lakers would let him go in exchange for an all-star

The Los Angeles Lakers want a new star in the team. But hey must let go someone.

By James Brown

The Los Angeles Lakers want a new star in the team. But hey must let go someone.
The Los Angeles Lakers want a new star in the team. But hey must let go someone.
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The latest news about the Brooklyn Nets superstar, Kevin Durant, is that he gave an ultimatum to Joe Tsai, owner of the Brooklyn Nets. KD told the Taiwanese entrepreneur that he must decide between keeping him or keeping gm Sean Marks and coach Steve Nash. And well, is almost for sure that if KD leaves Brooklyn, Kyrie Irving will do the same.

And as we know, the Lakers, more specifically LeBron James, want to trade Russell Westbrook (and a 1st pick) for Kyrie Irving. But there’s another option. What if I told you that the Lakers could get not only Kyrie but Kevin Durant? Yeah, I know, we’re talking about pulling up together one of the greatest teams ever seen in the NBA.

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They've gone crazy. The Lakers want to risk their future for a player.

Even though Anthony Davis and LeBron James are great friends, the king is getting tired of waiting for AD to be healthy. Last season the Brow only played 40 games. LeBron is a competitive “animal”, and he is pissed that last season he had no help. So, there’s a chance that the Los Angeles Lakers could get not only Kyrie but KD in exchange for Russell Westbrook and Anthony Davis.

It would be awesome to see Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant team up with LeBron James. Not only for the fact that they'll become a menace for every team, but to see those 3 guys as new the "showtime" Lakers, would be just amazing for business and so as well for the NBA. Now the purple and gold squad has to decide between KD or AD.

What options do the Lakers have?

The market for the 17-time NBA champions is very tight. That's why it's not illogical to think that Anthony Davis will leave the Lakers. We are a few weeks away from the start of training camp. Although trades can be made at a later date, it would be better for the team to be completed as soon as possible for a better adaptation. So we'll have to wait. So far Darvin Ham thinks that AD should be the main character next season.



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