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The news that the Lakers front office needed to hear

By James Brown

The news that the Lakers front office needed to hear

Latest reports show Kevin Durant trade happening sooner than later, this is just what the Lakers wanted to hear.

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In a meeting with Nets owner Joe Tsai, All-star Kevin Durant reiterated his trade request and informed Tsai that he needs to choose between Durant or the pairing of general manager Sean Marks and coach Steve Nash, sources say. This puts more pressure in the front office not only to decide what to do with Durant, but also to make a decision on the Kyrie Irving situation. This is just what the Lakers were hoping to hear.

On paper the Nets could benefit way more if they just keep both Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving in their roster and simply get rid of Steve Nash and Sean Marks. However, after seeing what happened with the two stars last season and how this offseason has gone, seems the Nets should keep the managers and compete with different players next season. It all depends on whether Joe Tsai give against Durant pressure or not.

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There are a couple of guarantees with the Brooklyn Nets. The first one is that if they decide to keep Kevin Durant in the team, an Irving trade will not happen, at least not this season. But if Tsai prefer to keep Steve Nash and Sean Marks instead of Durant, Kyrie Irving is 100 percent leaving the team too. So Durant doubling on his trade status means that Irving is a step closer to the Lakers, which will make them competitors.

Lakers still need to answer some questions before training camp. Russell Westbrook status is still somehow problematic for the team, as there's no way he hasn't hear that the team is doing everything on their power to move him off the roster. If a trade does not happen, will have to see whether if Russ wants to play next season for the purples and golds, or simply decide to sit the next season until he finds a new team to play for.

Priorities for the Los Angeles Lakers

The team has made their priority to sign Kyrie Irving. This would not only upgrade their roster but would mean that Russell Westbrook will be off the team. However, the team depends on one player and one player only. LeBron James. The ‘King’ has been eligible for an extension since the 4th of August, but so far they have not reach an agreement. The priority for the Lakers should be keeping James for at least two more years.






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