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The young player that the Lakers should prioritize over Dennis Schröder

By James Brown

The young player that the Lakers should prioritize over Dennis Schröder

The Los Angeles Lakers should give a chance in the team to Cole Swider over Dennis Shröder.

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The Lakers finally made a move during this offseason, trading for Utah Jazz' Patrick Beverley. The addition of the former Timberwolves player will help on the defensive side of the ball and in a better rotation. Still, the team needs to fill other holes before the start of the season. There are rumors that the Lakers are interested in bringing back Dennis Schröder, but there is a young player that deserves the spot over Schröder.

Cole Swider went undrafted in the past draft. Swider signed a two-way contract with the Los Angeles Lakers, which meant he spent time with the G-League South Bay Lakers. Now he has got a chance at the summer league where he showed his shooting ability, something that the Lakers are in desperate need right now.

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This Lakers player will definitely be a starter for the team

Cole Swider averaged 15.4 points, 4.2 rebounds and 1.0 assists in five Summer League games. The 23-year-old shot over 50% from the three-point line on 7.6 attempts per game. True, you're not expecting him to be a game changer, but neither would Shröder be. Swider shooting ability could be enough to earn minutes at some point this season.

Dennis Shröder might be a good bench player if Russell Westbrook ends up being traded, which is the expectation. But for now, the Lakers should put their interest in signing an all-star player that could make a top trio with LeBron James and Anthony Davis. Swider could be a good rotation player in the upcoming season.

Can the Lakers fill all their holes?

The Lakers just signed Patrick Beverley, but he is not the missing piece the team needed. Sure, he could be a good starter, but the Lakers are not expecting him to be the third piece to a trio with James and Davis. The Lakers still need to add some shooting and size to the team.


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